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What would I give my own grandchildren this holiday season from

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on

Yesterday I was asked this by a Customer in her 70's who found the choices overwhelming.  Without a doubt, my fictional grandchildren would each get:

  • one dozen random assorted copper ferruled pencils
  • the Freehand script font
  • White print.  
  • Gift pouch because then their gifts would each come with a sharpener and gift bow, in addition to the pretty pouch to store the pencils in.

If I had a grandchild with a talent for drawing, without hesitation I would get him/her:

This is absolutely true and what I responded so I thought others might want to know as well.

Wishing you & yours a safe, happy, healthy holiday season!

Two new fonts available

We very happy to be able to offer two new, very easy to read fonts to the vast family of Explicitly Yours fonts offered.Spartan Medium with a huge array of punctuation is now a choice for both Easy Order Hexagonal Pencils and Hexagonal Pencils with Typical size print.Souvenir is now available for Hexagonal pencils with [...]

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Adding video recordings to website to help place error free orders

Diving into a new technology is frustrating at first, just like using a new web store can be.  The goal is to make it easier to place error free orders, so currently, video recordings are being made and added to the web store to point out what is particularly important on the order pages that [...]

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What do finished orders look like?

Don't guess - look at the images!  <a href=""> Finished Orders</a>.  More images coming soon.You can also see printing samples at <a href="">Printing Samples</a>

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Holiday Season Sales are up and running

Several sales for quantity purchases are now available.  It's so lovely to receive feedback that our personalized pencils are beloved as gifts to the point that some people want more of it than their budget can accommodate.  But other than advertised sales, prices are not negotiable.We wish you and yours a safe, happy, holiday season filled [...]

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Round Personalized Pencil Sale - Get Ready for the Holidays


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Expanding creative capacity to print symbols

Symbols may be font specific, for example, | is available only with the Pencraft font, or available on with certain pencils that use larger print fonts.  The font chart at the bottom of each order page, that lists available characters by the font, is the place to look to see if your desired symbol is [...]

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First Time Orderers - White print recommended

We strongly recommend you order white print.  Until you get a feel for fonts and pencil color contrasts, white print produces the crispest, easiest to read text on pencils.

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Now carrying adult coloring books with 2dz personalized pencils

We're jumping on the wave of adult coloring books. We've searched for and found some that we think you'll really like and that make great gifts for your loved one who is recuperating from an illness, someone you know who needs a hobby in retirement, or a parent who would like to work on more [...]

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Summer Special

We're very pleased to offer one of our favorite fonts, Freehand Script, on beautiful Natural Lacquered pencils. Not only are they terrific pencils with erasers that erase not smudge, but the Freehand Script harkens back to a day before computers when cursive demonstrated penmanship skills and personality. So while we are all celebrating the end [...]

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