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Customer Service

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on

Providing customer service for a highly personalized product, offering millions of color & font combinations, that appeal only to a particular customer, for a particular purpose or event, is formidable. The key is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so what we think is fabulous can be quite different than the customer's needs or sense or beauty.

Customer service in this context is always very time consuming.  The website offers images, illustrations and answers to the vast majority of questions posed to us over fourteen years of business.  Most businesses think that “the more customers the better”.  But some customers are quite simply bad for business.

The spectrum of possibilities can be overwhelming. The Easy Order option was created to address the issue of so many choices by narrowing the selection to simply pencil color.  We selected a basic, easy to read font with white print and pencil colors that will work well. Just submit text and select a pencil color(s).  The Easy Order option is neither creative nor does it produce the artistic, beautiful and unique looking personalized pencils that are possible by Explicitly Yours.  The Easy Order option excels in minimizing the time spent in the web store.

Customers who opt out of the Easy Order option open a beautiful world of possibilities for artistic and stunning personalized pencils.  But it takes time to review the options. When someone seeks order advice via email they fail to understand that we can only respond from our own biases and preferences.  We cannot tell a stranger what they will like. And we especially cannot tell a stranger what their gift recipient, an even more remote unfamiliar person to us, will like. 

Customers forget that we have never met them, that we have absolutely no idea what their preferences are, or how they plan to use the personalized pencils. So we will not get involved if a customer is indecisive or if the comment box of a submitted order indicates an unclear order.  Indecisiveness will result in the order being very timely cancelled with a full refund.