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Ideas for using personalized pencils

Posted by Gail, Chief Pencilier on

Welcome 2016!   Here is a review of how our customers used personalized pencils in 2015:

Passwords - One of my favorite uses for personalizing pencils was to print passwords.  By using a pencil holder such as an old coffee mug on a desk, the pencil doesn't get lost.  Slips of paper get lost and log books get jammed with old passwords. Hackers can't see what is on a pencil in a mug on a desk.

Reminders - Save-the-Date or Pencil-It-In type of reminders.

Inspirational Messages - especially popular was a message to remember to be civil to others.

Congratulations - especially nice for newly minted Ph.D.'s and professional degrees.

Birth Announcements - since smoking and cigars are unhealthy, personalized pencils became a great way to commemorate the date and time.

Email Addresses & URLs - great for reunions, private photos, and business advertising.


Church, Choir, and Band names

Teacher gifts

Happy Birthday messages