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Easy Order Pencils

The Pencils | Explicitly Yours™ uses first quality, #2 lead, First Quality, wood cased, full-length, painted pencils with copper ferrules and pink erasers, as well as some Dixon brand hexagonal pencils, in the Easy Order category.

The Price Includes:

  • Select Hexagonal pencils | #2 lead, wood cased, full-length, painted, unsharpened with ferrules and erasers
  • White print
  • One identical text line per dozen printed once per pencil
  • Kelsey font | UPPERCASE & lowercase lettering, numbers and limited punctuation . , : ; & ! ' ?  -OR-
  • Spartan Medium | UPPERCASE & lowercase lettering, numbers and punctuation but lowercase e's smudge so if your text has lowercase e's, select Kelsey font
  • Sold by the dozen (12 pencils) | minimum order 1 dozen

- OR -

  • Select Round pencils | #2 lead, wood cased, full-length, unsharpened
  • White print
  • One identical text line per dozen printed once per pencil
  • ARIAL FONT | UPPERCASE LETTERS ONLY, numbers and very limited punctuation . - ( ) / :  (which means no apostrophes ', no exclamation marks ! and no ampersands &) and no lowercase letters.
  • Sold by the dozen (12 pencils) | minimum order 1 dozen

 No Substitutions, logos, emojis, emoticons, proofs, previews or rainchecks on orders by the dozen. 

Note: Explicitly Yours offers a wider selection of pencil colors, fonts & print colors in other categories within this store. 

  • Copper ferruled, full-length, #2 lead pencils come in a variety of colors. 

Pictured here, from top to bottom are:
Navy, Royal Blue, Teal, Light Blue, Burgundy, Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Natural Lacquered, white, Black, Mint (not available with Easy Order ordering - go to 8pt Fonts link under Hexagonal Pencils to order Mint pencils), Emerald, Dark Green and Purple.

    Easy Order personalized pencils make ordering easy using our pre-selected font and print color. You just choose the pencil color(s) and tell us your text line.  Since the combination works great, no substitutions...

  • Assorted Glitz pencils sold by individual color or in assortments.  Available colors include: silver, gold, copper, orange, yellow, light pink, magenta, red, purple, royal blue, light blue, turquoise, green, rainbow and spectrum (magenta, purple and royal blue combination).

    We've created two product lines of round #2 lead, full-length pencils. This line uses white print because it works best on these pencils.   The other line of round pencils works best with colored print.  The...

  • The print colors from the top down are: black, gold, red, white, navy, turquoise, dark purple and oops, looks like navy again.

     Description One dozen (12) full-length unsharpened, hexagonal, #2 lead, wood cased pencils Natural Lacquered pencils with copper ferrules and pink erasers One identical text line using only the punctuation listed...