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Easy Order Round Personalized Pencils

Typically ships in 2-4 business days

Product Description

We've created two product lines of round #2 lead, full-length pencils. This line uses white print because it works best on these pencils.   The other line of round pencils works best with colored print.  The quality of the pencils is identical.  These are unsharpened, wood cased, pencils with ferrules and erasers that are sold in sets of 12 pencils starting with one dozen pencils.  


The Price Includes

  • One, identical text line printed once in 10PT ARIAL UPPERCASE LETTERS ONLY
  • White Print
  • Your choice of golf pencil color(s) that all work with the one, selected print color
  • Text lines can have up to 28 characters including spaces & punctuation
  • Printing can be for either a right or left handed user
  • shipping and handling


For an Additional Fee

  • Rush Service  - to jump to the front of the printing queue and ship by the end of the next business day - add $9.99 per dozen.  This fee, along with USPS Priority Express date guaranteed delivery, is required if the pencils must arrive by a specific date.  No exceptions, no order will be accepted when a date is specified without Rush Service fees and USPS Priority Express date guaranteed delivery.  Orders must be error-free at the time of submission to qualify for Rush Service. Every dozen in the order must pay rush service fees.
  • Gift Pouch that hold up to two dozen pencils including a small plastic pencil sharpener and gift bow - add $1.50 each
  • Pencil Organizer Box - large, plastic, holds up to approximately 4 dozen pencils - add $3.50 each
  • Pretty Gift Box with ribbons and a bow - holds 1 dozen - add $3.50 each [order through the Gift Wrapping link above]
  • A big, beautiful red Christmas Bow with a small gold bell is available for an additional $0.99 each | while supplies last
  • A hangable Christmas Satin Stocking holds one dozen personalized pencils is available for an additional $2 each [about 6 inches tall] | while supplies last


Available Punctuation

  • Round pencils by the dozen do not use logos or emoticons and have very limited punctuation available:  . # / -
  • Dates look best either spelled out or with periods for example, May 23, 2015 or 5.23.2015.  Hyphens and slashes don't look good on pencils eg. 5/23/2015 or 5-23-2015 look bad.
  • You don't want punctuation to overwhelm text 



  • The Spectrum pencil is the pencil pictured that has pink, blue and purple on every pencil. 
  • The Rainbow pencil is the pencil pictured that has red, yellow and blue on every pencil.