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Store Policies & FAQ

Please check our site map, search feature, FAQ or our site navigation on the left to locate the information you seek.

Prices  Prices are not negotiable.  Prices are on all of the order pages. Follow the links at the top of any web store page to get to order pages.

Bids & Price Quotes  Complete pricing information is available on the website 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, staff will not prepare bids.

Payment All orders must be prepaid through the website. No personal checks or cash accepted.


Order submission methods  The website is the only accepted order submission method using the online payment methods offered on the website.  Orders will not be accepted if faxed, mailed, emailed or phoned in.  Payment in full is required at the time the order is placed.


When will you have possession of the order?  The only orders that have a guaranteed ship date and delivery date are those orders that pay for Rush Service (ship by end of next business day) and pay for USPS Priority Express shipping with date guaranteed delivery.  There is no point in asking if you are not placing a Rush Order with date guaranteed Express shipping because we won't have an answer for you.

Corrections for already Submitted Orders  We do not read or respond to emails when printing orders. If you have a comment or correction regarding a submitted order, email us at  Tell us the issue and include the order number in the text of the email so we can connect the specific order to the email prior to printing the order.  This seems too obvious to even have to say, Only use the identical name and email address that appears on the submitted order in all correspondence with Explicitly Yours, and also include the order number in all email correspondence.  If Explicitly Yours does not send an email acknowledgment of having received your email, then your email has not been read, probably because we are printing orders. 
Changes to orders cannot be processed after an order has started printing, and certainly not after the order is printed and shipped.



Submission Errors Some errors make printing impossible. Those errors must be corrected for printing to proceed.  Other errors fall into a different category, we can print the order as submitted but it won't be legible or will look awful. 

  • We will email recommended tweaks and hold the order for 48 hours while waiting for a customer response. 
  • If no response is received in that time, the order will not be processed, it will be declined, and payment in full refunded.  Refunds can take 3-5 business days to show up in electronic accounts.  Customers are responsible for checking their Spam box for our emails.


Written Communication required   All communication must be in writing via email because custom printing must be error-free.

  • This means that there are Absolutely NO phone conversations to avoid mistakes or miscommunication.  No Exceptions. 


Minimum Sized Orders  The Minimum Order is one dozen pencils with identical text in one font.  A dozen=12 pencils. For small orders that we print, the minimum order can contain an assortment of pencil colors, but not pencil shapes. Select either hexagonal, round or golf pencils but not a mixture of styles within one dozen. One lettering color and font per dozen, and identical text per dozen.  

LOGOS  Logos are not available on small orders by the dozen.   However, Logos are available on Bulk Order Round pencils sold to Explicitly Yours™ Repeat Customers.  Artwork needs to be submitted through email to in an .eps or .tif file.


Bulk Orders  Bulk Orders are only available to well established, repeat customers.  Bulk Order quantity starts at 60 dozen (5 gross) identical pencils.  Round pencils require a $30 logo die that will be able to hold up to five lines of text and a logo image.  Large quantities of hexagonal pencils will require a $30 logo die per text line and will not be able to have a logo image because it would be way too small to see.

Samples  Free samples on small orders by the dozen are not available.  The minimum order is one dozen pencils.

Proofs, Previews & Logos  Proofs, previews or logos on small orders by the dozen are not available.  Order just one dozen pencils to see what your order will look like. Orders printed at different times will not be identical because every printing run is unique.

Select strong contrast available between pencil & print colors to maximize text legibility.
Fine lined fonts need far greater pencil & print contrast than bold fonts.
  • Example of strong contrast: white print on black  pencils.
  • Example of weak contrast: navy, dark purple, burgundy or black print on royal blue, navy or black pencils.
  • Example of weak contrast: silver or light pink print on purple pencils.

    If you are unsure if your particular pencil color, print color and typeface combination will be difficult to read, email us before placing an order.

Punctuation  Computer generated emoticons and symbols are not available on small orders sold by the dozen.

  • Only submit punctuation you see listed as being available.
  • Only the Larger print Helvetica - with diacritics has diacritic punctuation. This font is only available for text lines with diacritics.
  • The larger print fonts have many symbols and shapes available and they are listed on the picture of the Larger Print Fonts. If one of these symbols or shapes is desired, submit the order and then email the actual text line to Mention the order number and be clear about which text line will be altered with the symbol or shape.  The character limit cannot be exceeded by the use of symbols or shapes.


What does "Made in the USA" actually mean?  Over the past few decades, the USA pencil manufacturing industry has experienced tremendous consolidation. Hundreds of USA pencil manufacturers existed in the 1900's, but today only about three remain. Of those three, none hold fast and true to the statement "made in the USA from tip to tip".  USA pencil manufacturers are using global resources to manufacture pencils. We can no longer say with 100% confidence that any of the pencils we sell are truly 100% made in the USA.  Explicitly Yours™ is a printer of personalized pencils. We try to bring you a great pencil product regardless of where it was manufactured or painted.

Hexagonal Pencils  Are sold as full-length and golf pencils that are wood cased and painted in a variety of solid colors.  Hexagonal pencils have available a huge variety of fonts.  Full-length pencils have either standard #2 lead or #2 Soft lead are are only sold unsharpened.  All full-length pencils have ferrules and erasers of varying colors from the manufacturer which cannot be changed. We only sell from current inventory.  

Golf pencils are available with or without ferrules and erasers and are sold only factory sharpened.  Sold in small quantities by the dozen (12 pencils) starting with just one dozen pencils.

We stock hexagonal pencils by different manufacturers and use whichever pencils are best suited to the selected font. Not all manufacturers make pencils in all colors, and different manufacturers use different ferrule styles and colors.  Even within a manufacturer's line, different ferrule and eraser colors are used. Explicitly Yours™ uses in-stock inventory to print pencils.  We do not manufacture, paint or assemble pencils.

Several Manufacturers produce our Pencils  Explicitly Yours™ uses pencils manufactured by several manufacturers because no manufacturer produces the full spectrum of pencil colors. The manufacturers use different ferrules, different ferrule colors and different colored erasers.   Note: Within a manufacturer's line, there can be differences in ferrule colors. We sell from our current inventory and small orders cannot specify a ferrule color other than what is currently carried.  Subject to change as inventory turns over, our current pencil colors are:

Pencil Pantone Numbers  Pantone numbers are universal color identifiers that we cannot provide because exact color matches are impossible. Explicitly Yours™ is a printer, not a manufacturer of pencils. As inventory changes, the pencil colors change. We only sell from current inventory.

Round Pencils  Explicitly Yours™ sells full-length, wood cased, unsharpened pencils that have #2 lead available in patterns and solid colors.  Sold in small quantities by the dozen starting with just one dozen pencils.  We stock round pencils by different manufacturers and use whatever manufacturer is in currently in inventory for a particular design. The quality of round pencils equals that of hexagonal pencils.

Golf Pencils  Explicitly Yours™ sells hexagonal, wood cased, factory sharpened gold pencils with and without eraser. Golf pencils without erasers are approximately 3.375 inches long and golf pencils with erasers are approximately 3.875 inches long. The printing surface on golf pencils without erasers is longer than on golf pencils with erasers.

Coloring Pencils  are sold only in factory created sets different graphite colors. Graphite colors are not sold individually. Coloring pencils are imprinted only with the McKellar Gothic font. Coloring pencils are manufactured in China. They are intended for children, not serious artistic drawing.  Coloring pencils are not edible. If your child eats pencils, do not purchase Coloring pencil sets for the child.


Easy Order Pencils  This is a category of our #2 lead, wood cased, painted hexagonal pencils with copper colored ferrules and pink erasers, as well as select Dixon pencils, that have a preselected print color and font to ensure great legibility.  No substitutions permitted.  Limited punctuation available, and it is listed on the order page.  The key is to keep the ordering process simple and fast for both the customer and us.   If a different font, pencil or print color is desired then do not order Easy Order Pencils, but rather use the links for Hexagonal Pencils at the top of every web store page.

Sharpening service is not offered.  Only golf & coloring pencils are factory sharpened.

Quantity Discounts for well established Repeat Customers  As a courtesy to our long-term, repeat customers who have already placed at least five different orders with us, we will broker deeply discounted round and hexagonal orders starting at a minimum quantity of 5 identical gross (720 identical pencils).  Email complete proposed order details so that we price the order.

Pencil Quality  Our full-length and golf pencils are First Quality, wood cased pencils with #2 lead unless #2 Soft Lead is specified.  The pencil erasers erase, not smudge.

Pencil Combinations Within a Dozen or Order  A dozen can consist of like kind pencil pencil colors so long as one print color works on all pencils in the dozen and the text is identical for that dozen. Each dozen consists of either hexagonal or round pencils, but not both. There is no limit to how many dozens can be purchased, and each dozen can be unique. We do not manufacture pencils, so assortments must consist of pencils already in our inventory.

Lettering Color Selection & Contrast  This is really important to your receiving custom printed pencils that look great. Contrast between pencil & print color is all important. Dark colored pencils need light colored lettering and light colored pencils need dark lettering for contrast. Light contrast looks like embossing rather than print. It's all up to you. We won't second guess you because we don't know you or your needs or likes & dislikes.

Poor or weak contrast will be hard to read but that just may be the desired look. We won't second guess customers. If you order pencils and print colors with weak contrast, that is what will be printed.  Black is not a universal print color. Just because a color combination works on a t-shirt or mug does not mean it will work on a pencil. Examples of color combination that do not work on pencils: navy print on black pencils, black print on burgundy pencils.

Fonts for Hexagonal Pencils  Each font has it's own letters, numbers and punctuation capabilities.  Fonts are described online in detail, with images. There is no uniform text size for hexagonal pencil fonts. Round pencils have only one block lettering font offered which is available only in UPPERCASE=CAPITAL LETTERS.

One Font Per Dozen  This is the rule because different fonts do not line up consistently.

Characters Per Text Line  The number of characters in a text line includes spaces & punctuation, and M's and W's are double wide characters and therefore count as two characters each in all fonts. There must be at least three characters, not including spaces or punctuation, per text line on all imprinted pencils. To determine if your text line fits, type it into the order form.

Excessively long text lines will not be approved. Use multiple text lines.  However, if the text just barely exceeds the text box allowance, then an optional fee is available to accommodate this situation on select order forms that offer the service. 

Identical Text Per Text Line Per Dozen  A dozen must have identical text in an identical font and print color per dozen. Each text line is printed only once on a pencil. Most hexgonal pencils can have multiple text lines, and those text lines can be different, though each text line will appear on at least one dozen pencils.  Round pencils are only sold with one text line.

Hexagonal Multiple Line Layout Options  This only applies to hexagonal pencils orders with two or more text lines since each text line is printed only once. Hexagonal pencils have six sides, sometimes referred to as panes. Adjacent Panes means the text lines appear on sides right next to each other. Every Other Pane means there is a blank side between text lines. Opposite Panes can only be used for orders with two text lines and the text will appear on opposite sides of the pencil.

Number of Text Lines Included in the Price  One text line with identical text, printed once per pencil.Some hexagonal & all golf pencils have the option of a second & third text line for an additional fee per text line per dozen.

Return Policy  All sales are final because custom printed, personalized pencils cannot be resold.  If Explicitly Yours makes a printing error, we will correct our error and reship at no additional cost to the customer. Do not send pencils back to Explicitly Yours because we will not reimburse your return shipping charges.

Sales Tax California law requires that we collect sales tax on all billing addresses within California because we are physically located in California. California law also requires sales tax collection on the shipping & handling fee because it is presented as a single sum. California sales tax is collected at the uniform rate based on Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City where we are located.  Because the web host servers may be located in Texas, as of 2011 Explicitly Yours™ is required to collect sales tax from Texas billing addresses. We charge a single sales tax rate which is at the highest prevailing sales tax rate in the state of Texas regardless of actual city or county of residence within Texas.

Rush Orders  Rush Service is available for an additional fee per dozen on orders sold by the dozen.  Rush Service has nothing to do with shipping speed. A rush order goes to the front of the queue and is shipped by the end of the next business day using whatever shipping speed is selected by the customer.

Date Guarantee Delivery Limited to USPS Priority Express Shipping  The ONLY way to know exactly what day the order will be in your possession is to select USPS Express Overnight shipping, which is 1-2 day delivery service depending on your zip code AND pay Rush Service fees so that we know which day your order is being printed and shipped.  If you are not willing to pay for USPS Priority Express Shipping and Rush Service, then do not ask us when your order will be received because we have no idea. We do not own or control the United States Postal Service. 

  • Explicitly Yours™ will not guarantee the delivery date of non-date guaranteed USPS shipping methods.

Shipping  Explicitly Yours™ ships Orders by the Dozen via United States Postal Service (USPS). Only USPS Priority Express is date guaranteed delivery, though it is up to THREE day service to some zip codes. All orders over $150 are shipped with signature required for delivery. Orders need not be shipped to the billing address. Shipping is not included in the price of products or services unless stated otherwise on the order page.

The Shipping fee includes one shipment, to one location, once.   In most cases, any adult can sign for delivery, it does not have to be the purchaser.


  • All Returned shipments must pay a new shipping fee plus a $10.00 handling fee.

    Local pick-up in Sherman Oaks, California and International shipping are not available.

Printing is for Right Handed Users  Explicitly Yours prints pencils so that the text is read from left to right while being held in the user's right hand.  Upon written request, orders can be printed so that the text is legible for left handed users. All pencils in the order must be either for right handed or left handed users, not both. To request left handed printing if it is not part of the order page itself, an email must be received prior to the start of printing the order.

Blank Pencils  Explicitly Yours™ is not a distributor of blank pencils and does not sell blank pencils.  Only printed pencils are sold.

Pencil Accessories & Extras  These items are only available to accompany the purchase of personalized pencils. Not sold separately without a personalized pencils purchase.

Multiple Fonts  A dozen may have only one font regardless of the number of text lines.  The greater the number of different fonts in a particular order, the longer it will take to complete the order.

Telephone v. Email Communication  All communication is required to be in writing via email to prevent errors or miscommunication.  Therefore, Explicitly Yours™ will not take, alter or amend orders over the phone. We will not discuss orders over the phone to prevent errors and miscommunication.

Customers must provide valid email addresses on orders so that we can communicate in writing via email.  Because email does not always work, change requests must be received before printing occurs and we must confirm receipt of the customer's email change request for the change to be effective.  Customers are solely responsible for checking their SPAM email boxes.

Placing Orders  ALL orders must be placed through the website. If there is an error in the submitted order, immediately send us an email with the correction to  All sales are Final. Personalized products cannot be resold.

Payment   Only credit card payments are accepted.  Neither cash nor checks are accepted.

Order Cancellation Email communications for order tweaking that are not responded to within 48 hours will likely result in cancellation of the order.  Explicitly Yours™ reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Explicitly Yours™ will send a timely email confirming that the order cannot be processed and that credit card authorization or payment was voided.   Customers are responsible for checking their email and SPAM accounts.

Exact Color Matches Exact color matches are not available. Orders are filled with current inventory.


Current Inventory Sales Only Explicitly Yours™ has a well stocked inventory of pencils in a vast array of colors so that orders can be printed without delay, in light of the ever changing queue. All pencils for sale are described on our order pages.

Blank Inventory & Wholesale Sales  Explicitly Yours™ does not sell blank or wholesale pencils. Prices are not negotiable.


Customers make all order decisions   Staff are not permitted to make decisions for Customers regarding fonts, pencil or print color combinations because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and only you know what you think is beautiful.


Prices Prices are not negotiable. Prices are stated on every order page of this web store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you do not see a product price, then you are not on an order page. To get to an order page, click on the links for the type of pencils desired.


Donation Requests Explicitly Yours™ receives unsolicited requests for donations with tremendous frequency from people who have never purchased our pencils. We donate to 501(c)(3) organizations of our choosing.


Pencils for photo shoots in magazines, television or other media  Photo shoots need very strong contrast between pencil and print color. Photos often turn out better with matte print rather than metallic print. Email us to find out if matte print is available for the desired font. Photo shoot pencils are not free. If Explicitly Yours™ is not paying for the photo shoot, then these are sales to be submitted through the website.


Text Lines  A text line will appear once on a minimum of one dozen pencils.  Most of the hexagonal pencils can accommodate up to three text lines. Round pencils by the dozen only permit one text line.


Rush Service  So long as Explicitly Yours™ is not closed on vacation, Rush Service is available on error free orders placed through the website for an additional fee per dozen which is listed on every order page.  Rush Service moves the order to the top of the printing order queue. Rush Service is not the same service provided by USPS Express Priority Shipping. Further details and explanation of Rush Service appear on every order page. Rush Service does not commence until orders are error free.


Explicitly Yours printing error  Printing errors that are our fault will be reprinted and reshipped at no cost to the Customer using the same shipping method paid for in the order.  The original order will be reprinted.  Changes to the original order will incur a $12.99 change order fee for each change.

If the Customer will be unjustly enriched by keeping the order received with an error, then the order must be returned to Explicitly Yours at 13636 Ventura Blvd #264, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 via the least expensive United States Postal Service shipping method along with a tracking number.  The shipping fee will be refunded. However, certified, registered, Express Priority or any other intentional waste of money in returning the pencils will not be refunded.


International Shipping  International shipping is not available.