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Gift Wrapping

We can make your gift look really special with our gift wrapping service.  Free USA Ground Shipping

  • Gift Cards These are small, mostly flower motif blank gift cards with a white envelope. Gift Cards can be combined with any other gift wrapping option. Each card sold separately.
  • Gift Pouch Available in many colors to match the color family of either the pencils or print, along with a small, plastic pencil sharpener and a gift bow.  The gift bow is not secured by us, but rather by you if not going directly to the gift recipient. Pouches hold 1-2 dozen pencils to a single individual.
  • Small Gift Box  Available only in light pink or light blue.  Holds 1-2 dozen pencils only.  Includes three colored ribbons and gift bow.
  • Pencil Organizer Box  Holds up to approximately 4 dozen pencils.  Made of plastic and available in limited quantities.  We will try to match the box color with the pencil colors if possible.


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