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Hexagaonal Pencils

Helpful Tips

  • Select a print color with strong contrast so that users will be able to easily read the text
  • Complete the order form, proofread for errors & pay for the order online

The Price of One Dozen personalized pencils Includes:


    • One dozen (12 pencils) hexagonal full-length pencils. so 1in the shopping cart = 12 pencils
    • One font 
    • One identical text line printed once per pencil
    • One print color per dozen
    • #2 lead, first quality, unsharpened, wood cased, full-length painted pencils with ferrules & erasers
    • Some hexagonal pencils are USA made, some are partially USA made, and some are not USA made. All are the same quality.
  • Personalized #2 Soft Lead, hexagonal, full-length, wood cased pencils with white bodies & erasers and gold ferrules are sold by the dozen starting with one dozen #2 soft lead pencils.

    Our fabulous #2 Soft Lead Pencils are a joy to use as they glide across paper and because the lead is darker, they are particularly great for doing crossword puzzles and other brain teasers. They are particularly pretty...

10pt Fonts really show personality!!  Each font has its own set of punctuation, so click on the link at the bottom of the order page to see if a specific font will work for your text.

    Note: Click on 9 more pictures under the main picture Hexagonal, full-length, #2 lead, unsharpened, wood cased, painted pencils with ferrules and erasers are sold in sets of 12 pencils (a dozen).   The Price...

  • This picture shows the selection of 8pt fonts for using on personalized pencils sold by the dozen by Explicitly Yours.

      Please read the entire order page - keep scrolling down Order a dozen hexagonal personalized pencils with personality!  A wide selection of gorgeous 8pt fonts let you create unique messages on personalized...