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Round Pencils

Round Pencils |   #2 lead, full-length, wood cased, painted, First Quality pencils with ferrules and erasers, only unsharpened.

Font |  ARIAL UPPERCASE LETTERING with no lowercase letters.  Submit text in UPPERCASE LETTERS so that we know you understand that the text will not have lowercase letters.  Otherwise, the order will be declined as unprintable.

ONE IDENTICAL TEXT LINE | printed once per pencil with up to 28 characters including spaces and punctuation. M and W count as two characters each because they are double wide.

Print Color | One print color per dozen

Punctuation is very limited |  . # / - ( ) ,    Common Punctuation Not available &  !  '

 Numbers | available in limited quantities

 Notes | No logos, emoticons, emojis or previews or proofs on orders by the dozen.  Some round pencils are USA made and some are not.  All are wonderful pencils of equal quality.

Tip |   Dates look best either spelled out or using periods. For example 5.23.2015 or May 23, 2015